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This is not a Pen

According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association the promotional pen is the best selling promotional product. At Promo2u we have a saying that this is not a pen, it is an ambassador of your brand, it can be a low cost motivator or a high end reward so how do you choose the pen that’s right for you and your business and why does this matter?

Point ONE: Identify your target audience If the application and the end user profile match up then the pen and the company represented on it will be of a higher value to the user(s) and this will provide a positive awareness of the brand / name for the lifetime of the product ensuring you get a better return on your investment.

Point TWO: Consider design Both the aesthetic appeal and overall design are important components in making the correct selection. Colours and designs vary enormously, as well as the branding areas, also great to consider black or blue ink, take time to consider a line which is complimentary to the application as well as your targets profile. For example a pen which is made from recycled plastic may strengthen your message by subtly helping your target audience get a feel for your companies approach to ethics and the environment.

Point THREE: Consider budget There are literally tens of thousands of pens to choose from, having an idea of the target cost per unit can help narrow your selection, whilst it is important to note that the branding on volumes of up to 1000 units can represent a large percentage of the costs so how its branded will impact directly on the unit costs. (Just the barrel or on the barrel and the clip or maybe the barrel, the clip and the box?)

Point FOUR: Consider branding area / available options You will need to consider how much information you need to convey. For example do you need a company name / brand plus a strap line on just the barrel and is this using 2 SPOT colours (without tones or shading), or will you require an intricate design with a multiplicity of colours so considering branding on the clip as well as all around the barrel using 4 colour process print (using graduated tones like with photos and blended illustrations)? You will need to ensure the selected products have the capability to represent your brand / message effectively, do not under estimate the importance of this, how your brand / marketing message sits on the product is paramount in achieving a clear and memorable communication. Resist the urge to write a book, of course the promotional product industry has a solution for this, when you find yourself trying to communicate too much on the pen, consider a banner pen.


Various print methods and options for engraving are available. Some products can be printed and engraved, others will only be suitable for SPOT colour printing whilst in todays digital world many pens can now be printed 4 colour process using 360 degree wrap around technology. Most pen manufacturers / distributors provide details of the printing areas and different personalisation methods available either online or in their printed literature. At Promo2u we can offer visuals showing how the product will look with your branding and provide this service free of charge to help you decide ask your promotional products adviser to help you, that’s what our experience team are there to do!

Point FIVE: Increasing the demand and appeal of your pen so it is the pen of choice for your target audience? It is quality rather than quantity that matters wrote Seneca. How a pen writes, its weight, colour of ink and design all impact on the interest your target audience will show towards your product. There is also that good old basic need, one of the top reasons people keep promotional products is because they find them useful. Multi functional pens can help ensure your messages stay with your customers to the point when they need your service / product.