How Promotional Items & Residual Marketing Maximize Your Brand Exposure

It’s amazing how even the simplest branded promotional item can give you so many business benefits inside and outside your company. First, corporate giveaways motivate leads by making way for conversation starters. Even a simple promotional pen eases your brand into their awareness much easier than any clever slogan. Second, promo gifts can also create a positive attitudes within the workplace when anyone in the office receives small tokens of appreciation on special occasions work should be fun right! And last, these marketing giveaways create lasting residual value by being kept for longer periods/ or by being passed around. (pens can be owned by up to 7 people during their life!)

The Power of Residual Marketing

Residual Marketing offers what is called the “residual marketing effect” or RME, which happens after the initial campaign is over, and past the novelty phase of a marketing tool. RME affords opportunities for brand awareness at an organic phase – without the struggles of hard selling. This eventually leads to better brand recall and retention. Promotional products are the perfect example of this phenomenon. They get a proper introduction to decision makers and they stay in front of them until a purchasing decision is made and sometimes long after keeping you in your customers mind which can lead to referrals and repeat business. This is more likely to happen once a promotional gift is kept for longer and longer periods.

Promo Items Brand Recall by the Numbers

  • 75 % response rate for sales letters with enclosed free gifts*

A Promotional Products International Association (PPIA) study in 1992 indicated that direct mail offers with free gifts are more likely to be opened. The added bonus of a promotional gift works as continued advertising long after the sales letter has been thrown in the bin.

  • A branded coffee mug can be seen as much as 5 times a day*

One of the advantages of promotional products is that it provides the most cost effective cost/impression rate. Compared to radio or TV ads, where each impression is delivered at such a huge expense, the practical use of promo items leave a better impression, and can stimulate a purchasing decision much more effectively.

  • a 100 sheet notepad can give as much as 100 impressions*

This doubles if the note is passed to another person! Promotional items are so effective that impressions do not stop as long as the item is seen. This guarantees better brand awareness.

(*Source: “The Power of Promotional Products: ..”, By Maria Carlton, David Blaise)

Increase Your Market Share with Promotional Products

With effective promotional campaigns that use promotional items, you can tap into the residual marketing effect to double or triple your market share. If you know your target market well and know how to gain their attention, make your marketing message heard time and time again with a relevant marketing giveaway to suit their needs. If you need help picking the right promotional item for your campaign, get in touch with us on the phone, via the web, send us a letter (old school!) or connect with us on social (digital is where its at!). We have been in the business of branding since 2007 and we offer a wide selection of promotional products for any type of campaign you have in mind.

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